Frequently Asked Question
Why Choose Gamma Irradiation as a decontamination and sterilisation process ?
Gamma irradiation decontamination and sterilisation of foods and materials is relatively simple and an extremely safe technology. The process consist of ionising the products in an irradiation chamber via a certain dosage rate of gamma source. This destroys harmful bacteria, while leaving the product unaffected. Due to the gamma ionising ability to penetrate products, the products can be ionised whilst in air tight packaging. Gamma ionising does not cause any significant rise in temperature, a distinct advantage for heat sensitive product. As a non-contact process, gamma ionising decontamination and sterilisation does not cause chemical contamination and leaves no chemical residues. The only operating parameter determining the high decontamination assurance of the product is exposure time, giving the process a high degree of reliability and repropoducable.

Does Irradiated food cost more ?
Yet, when you weight the value of extended storage time and reduced risk of food borne illness against money lost by discarding spoiled food, irradiation is the cost lesser. The cost of irradiation decontamination and sterilisation depends on :

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