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“Rel-ion” (formerly known as PT. Perkasa Sterilindo) is the first and only commercial gamma irradiation facility in Indonesia that provides sterilisation and hygienic services. This facility is owned and operated by PT. Perkasa Sterilindo. The irradiation equipment was supplied by General Atomics/Radiation Sterilizers, Inc. (U.S.A) in 1991 who also designed the irradiation cell. Rel-ion’s primary activity is the gamma processing of medical devices, pharmaceutical containers, cosmetic raw materials, and aseptic food containers. Additionally, Rel-ion also provides food pasteurization services.

The Rel-ion facility is located in Cibitung, Bekasi, about 35 kilometers east of Jakarta. The sites area, approximately 20,000 square meters, was selected taking into consideration the location of earthquake frequency, the chemical contents of the soil (a soil test and resistivity test were prepared) and potential environmental aspects.

The cell area, approximately 131 square meters in size, has a wall and ceiling tickness of approximately 2 meters. The cell is constructed of heavy concrete with 2.4 gr/cm3 density and by taking into consideration that it may contain 6,000,000 Ci of Cobalt –60. A 7.01 m X 8.23 m X 1.68 m water storage pool is provided in the center of the cell as shielding when the source is the non-irradiating position. Currently, the maximum Cobalt-60 capacity allowed by the Indonesian Government is 4,000,000 curies.

Rel-ion achieve their strategic objectives in such key areas as:

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